Free Data Visualization and Processing Tools for Neurophysiologists

Klusters is a powerful and easy-to-use cluster cutting application designed to help neurophysiologists sort action potentials recorded from multiple neurons on groups of electrodes (e.g., tetrodes or multisite silicon probes).

NeuroScope is an advanced viewer for neurophysiological and behavioral data: it can display local field potentials (LFPs), neuronal spikes, behavioral events, as well as the position of the animal in the environment. It also features limited editing capabilities.

NDManager (Neurophysiological Data Manager) is a simple graphical application designed to help neurophysiologists manage their experimental recording parameters (e.g., number of channels and sampling rate of the acquisition system) and process their data (data filtering, spike extraction, PCA, etc.)

Developed by Lynn Hazan (main developer) and Michaël Zugaro (plugins, maintenance), distributed under the GNU Public License.