Citing Klusters, NeuroScope and NDManager

If you use Klusters, Neuroscope or NDManager for your analyses, please be kind enough to cite the following article in your publications:

L. Hazan, M. Zugaro, G. Buzsáki (2006).
Klusters, Neuroscope, NDManager: a Free Software Suite
for Neurophysiological Data Processing and Visualization,
J. Neurosci. Methods 155:207-216.

Downloading and Installing the Applications

We hope to be able to provide installers soon. In the meantime, you will need to download and build the sources. While we cannot provide instructions for this, you can try to adapt the step-by-step instructions provided here for GNU/Linux.

ApplicationVersionDescriptionInstallerSource code
 Klusters2.0.0Cluster cutting application
 Neuroscope2.0.0Viewer for neurophysiological and behavioral data
 NDManager2.0.0Manager for neurophysiological and behavioral data